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How much does gutter guard installation cost in Wisconsin?

The average price of gutter guard installation in Wisconsin is between $4,000 and $8,000. When you’re looking to protect your property, it’s important to understand the expenses involved. LeafFilter’s gutter guard cost calculator breaks down the factors influencing gutter guard installation costs in Wisconsin so you have a clear picture of what to expect to help you make informed choices for your property.

Explore our gutter guard calculator for insights into the average costs, financing options and potential savings when upgrading your home’s protective abilities.

Factors Affecting Gutter Guard Costs

Gutter Size, Type and Condition

The style and width of your current gutters will dictate the size of the gutter guards we install. Many commercial buildings feature wider gutters than the average home, which can raise the price of your gutter guards. The condition of your current gutters impacts the final cost because we only install our gutter guards on functional, structurally sound gutters. If your gutters are already in poor condition, we may suggest gutter replacements before installing guards.

Linear Footage & Home Levels

The total linear footage of gutter guards your building requires and the number of building stories is factored into the final cost of gutter guard installation.

Number of Inside & Outside Corners

A simple home design with fewer roof corners requires fewer spans and has a lower cost for gutter guard installation. More complex homes with more corners and spans will have a higher cost of gutter guard installation.

Median Gutter Guard Cost in Your Area

LeafFilter gutter guards cost about $30 to $40 per linear foot. The table below lays out the median costs for Wisconsin cities based on each city's respective home size. To determine the most accurate cost estimate for your Wisconsin home, fill out the cost calculator above or contact one of our experts. 


Small House

Medium House

Large House

Brookfield $3,529 - $8,234 $4,234 - $9,880 $4,940 - $11,527


$3,094 - $7,219

$3,713 - $8,663

$4,332 - $10,107

Menomonee Falls

$2,961 - $6,908

$3,553 - $8,290

$4,145 - $9,672


$1,901 - $4,437

$2,282 - $5,324

$2,662 - $6,211

New Berlin

$2,927 - $6,829

$3,512 - $8,195

$4,098 - $9,561

Oak Creek

$2,719 - $6,345

$3,263 - $7,614

$3,807 - $8,883


$2,132 - $4,974

$2,558 - $5,969

$2,985 - $6,964


$3,181 - $7,422

$3,817 - $8,907

$4,453 - $10,391


$2,605 - $6,078

$3,126 - $7,294

$3,647 - $8,509

West Allis

$1,885 - $4,398

$2,262 - $5,278

$2,639 - $6,157

Gutter Guard Cost vs. Square Footage

Square Footage

Small House

Medium House

Large House

1,000 sq ft

$1,500 - $3,500

$1,800 - $4,200

$2,100 - $4,900

1,500 sq ft

$2,250 - $5,250

$2,700 - $6,300

$3,150 - $7,350

2,000 sq ft

$3,000 - $7,000

$3,600 - 8,400

$4,200 - $9,800

2,500 sq ft

$3,750 - $8,750

$4,500 - $10,500

$5,250 - $12,250

3,000 sq ft

$4,500 - $10,500

$5,400 - $12,600

$6,300 - $14,700

3,500 sq ft

$5,250 - $12,250

$6,300 - $14,700

$7,350 - $17,150

4,000 sq ft

$6,000 - $14,000

$7,200 - $16,800

$8,400 - $19,600

4,500 sq ft

$6,750 - $15,750

$8,100 - $18,900

$9,450 - $22,050

5,000 sq ft

$7,500 - $17,500

$9,000 - $21,000

$10,500 - $24,500


Is gutter guard installation expensive?

LeafFilter gutter guard costs range from $25 to $45 per linear foot. Bigger orders for larger homes will cost less per foot, while orders requiring less product will cost more per foot but will likely equate to a lower total cost. LeafFilter also offers convenient financing and payment plans to make gutter protection affordable.

Is gutter guard installation worth the cost?

Absolutely! Gutter guards increase the lifespan of your gutters and the entire exterior of your home by preventing clogs and allowing water to flow easily through your gutters and away from your home.

Does adding gutter guards increase home value?

Yes. LeafFilter gutter guards extend the functional lifespan of your gutters, siding and roof and come with a lifetime transferable warranty. When you sell your home, the lifetime LeafFilter warranty will transfer to the new owners.

Does LeafFilter replace gutters?

Yes, if necessary, we can install a new gutter system on your home to ensure your gutters are fully functional before we install gutter guards.

How long do gutter guards last?

LeafFilter gutter guards last for life! Our gutter guards are backed by a lifetime transferable warranty.

Financing for Gutter Installation & Replacement

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Get new gutters without paying a cent for 18 months! LeafFilter offers customizable, 0% interest financing plans for gutter installation. Senior and military discounts are available!*

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